Our Mission

We are independent telecommunication consultants. We also offer telecom conferences and workshops, publicized through our French quarterly newsletter entitled Infotélécomlaunched in June 1998 and published up until March 2018.  Kinessor is now the official Publisher of Infotélécom since December 2018.

From 2000 et 2018, we organized conferences such as Le Forum des gestionnaires en télécommunications (Telecom Managers Forum) held every October in Montreal (2000, 2001 and 2002). This conference has been moved to April, starting in 2004 and renamed Télécom 2004, repeated each year since.  Télécom 2017 has received the largest attendance of them all, 519 people attending it.  And Télécom 2018 was our last edition.  Kinessor is now the owner of the event, starting with the Télécom 2019 edition.

We also organized the first French conference in Canada for telecom consultants, Consultants 2006.  Since then, we ran annual events, under the Consultants 20XX name, up until Consultants 2017, our last one.

Our firm exists since January 1990. We are known as realistic and practical people, who can find solutions with the services and products currently available in the Canadian market.

Our Approach
Telecommunications have become critical for companies and organizations. All want to be more efficient, reduce their costs, offer better customer services, know that their new telecommunication equipment will function for many years and have better communications with their offices in Quebec, in Canada or accross the world. Our approach is oriented toward business solutions :
  • Comprehension of the entreprise or the organization
  • Analysis of its client approach and of its methods
  • Evaluation of its needs and of its problems
  • Functional and technological recommendations
  • Invitation to tender (if necessary)
  • Supervision of the implementation process
Our References

On demand, we can offer you references pertinent to your project. We cannot, at this time, give you the names of the representatives of our clients without their approval. What we can do is give you a partial list of the clients for which we carried out mandates lately:

 SSQ General Insurance  SSQ-Life Insurance
 La Capitale, Financial Group  Laurentian Bank
 MAAX  Intrawest (Tremblant)
 AXA Insurance  IBM (Bromont)
 Blue Cross / Medavie / Canassurance  Venmar Ventilation
 IRCM (Institut de recherches cliniques Montréal)  Bombardier Aerospace
 CAA-Quebec  UAP Napa
 Cascades Papers  Domtar
 Quebec Construction Commission (CCQ)  Vast-Auto
 Videotron  Métro Richelieu
 Kruger  Transat Tours Canada
 Hewitt Equipment  Groupe Lussier Insurance

Our Team

Richard Comtois, Associate
Richard Comtois has more than 34 years of experience in telecommunications, including the last 26 years as an independent consultant. Co-founder of Comtois & Carignan, consultants back in 1990, Richard had mandates for more than 150 entreprises and organizations in Canada. Since 2004 Richard is dedicated to information and training. He is the editor of the quarterly newsletters InfoTelecom and Infotélécom and he writes many articles. He is the one behind yearly most popular conferences, the last one being Télécom 2012. He regularly leads telecom courses and workshops. He regularly follows telecom market developments in Canada and USA. His work mainly cover the following items :
  • Edit the quarterly printed newsletters InfoTelecom and Infotélécom, mailed and e-mail to more than 9,500 readers
  • Build the yearly programs for Télécom 2004 to Télécom 2012 conferences in Montreal
  • Coordinate telecom conferences and courses
  • Creation and leader of the Community of Telecommunications Consultants (CTC) across Canada
  • Guest speaker to many events

Name : Richard Comtois, Associate, Comtois & Carignan
Phone : 888-316-2326
E-mail: rcomtois@comtois-carignan.ca
Marcel Carignan, Associate
Marcel Carignan is co-owner of Comtois & Carignan, Telecommunication consultants since 1990. He is also co-editor of the newsletter Infotelecom and a well known speaker for his opinions and positions in the telecom Industry. With more than 20 years of experience as private and independent consultant, Marcel is specialized in addressing technological orientations in telecommunications for medium and large organisations. He has accomplished numerous projects from single to multiple sites, call centers and unified communication. New telecom technologies are a means, not an end. They must contribute in raising the enterprise effectiveness and efficiency and help reach business objectives. IP Telephony and Unified Communications bring tremendous value added to the table, particularly for multisite organisations and the mobile workforce. They also bring creative solutions to increase employee retention, attract new specialized resources. It can broaden geographical horizons to the traditional expensive and inaccessible downtown offices, such as effective workplace closer to where the resources live, contributing to a better quality of life and reducing the pressure on the environment. Marcel regularly write articles in his newsletter Infotelecom published quarterly and read by more than 5000 people. He leads many telecom courses and workshops. His domains of expertise are:
  • Telecom audit, contract negotiations and personalized training
  • Analysis of business process requiring the use of telecommunication for voice, data and video
  • Strategic planning in telecommunication
  • Network optimization
  • Needs analysis and strategic acquisition process for new technologies

Name: Marcel Carignan, Associate, Comtois & Carignan
Phone : 450-449-8812
E-mail: marcel@comtois-carignan.ca