About CTC (Community of Telecommunications Consultants)

Created in May 2007 as an informal grouping of French-speaking consultants (most are bilingual), the members ofthe Communauté des consultants en télécommunications (CCT) work in areas related to telecommunications, IT and contact centers.  Membership is for individual, independent consultants.

In April 2018, the CCT had 50 members across Quebec and Ontario.  Since December 2018, the CCT is now managed by Kinessor.

The objective of the CTC is to develop a dynamic community to:

  • Help generate business opportunities for its members;
    Exchange experience and expertise among the members through regular meetings;
  • Give business customers a centralized resource to find the right expertise to address their needs;
  • Develop synergies between members, the industry and business clientele;
  • Provide activities to develop the competencies and expertise of member consultants; and,
    Coordinate meetings with telecom industry suppliers and other key industry shareholders to encourage the exchange of information and ideas.

If you would like to know more about this group, please visit the Infotelecom.ca website.