Denis Aubé, Associate, Origine S.E.N.C.

Denis Aubé

Mr. Denis Aubé has been working in the radiocommunication industry for more than 30 years. He has managed multiple mandates in radiocommunication, including design, implementation, optimization and maintenance of various systems such as radio console systems, monitoring systems and digital technology such as P25, FDMA, TDMA systems. He has also actively participated in the deployment of pilot projects (TETRA) in Quebec and feasibility studies.

His career as a Specialist in Wireless Technologies has brought him to participate actively in the development of customer specifications and help departments to understand the needs of them. He has been the main technical resource for the field sales force and the bridge with the implementation team as well as having the responsibility for the qualification and management of the technical evaluation of each of the process steps. He has the required skills to present the complete end-to-end radio solutions, including all the needs of a 911 Call Centre.

- Project management
- radiocommunication architecture design
- vehicular data
- development and/or optimization of processes
- study / definition of needs
- supervision of work
- preparation of tender documents

  • Project management
  • Radiocommunication architecture designand vehicular data
  • Development and/or optimization of processes
  • Study / definition of needs, preparation of tender documents
  • Supervision of work

Name: Denis Aubé, Associate, Origine S.E.N.C.

Phone: 514-233-7560


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Marcel Carignan, Associate, Comtois & Carignan

Marcel Carignan is co-owner of Comtois & Carignan, Telecommunication consultants since 1990. He is also co-editor of the newsletter Infotelecom and a well known speaker for his opinions and positions in the telecom Industry. With more than 20 years of experience as private and independent consultant, Marcel is specialized in addressing technological orientations in telecommunications for medium and large organisations. He has accomplished numerous projects from single to multiple sites, call centers and unified communication.

New telecom technologies are a means, not an end. They must contribute in raising the enterprise effectiveness and efficiency and help reach business objectives. IP Telephony and Unified Communications bring tremendous value added to the table, particularly for multisite organisations and the mobile workforce. They also bring creative solutions to increase employee retention, attract new specialized resources. It can broaden geographical horizons to the traditional expensive and inaccessible downtown offices, such as effective workplace closer to where the resources live, contributing to a better quality of life and reducing the pressure on the environment.

Marcel regularly write articles in his newsletter Infotelecom published quarterly and read by more than 5000 people. He leads many telecom courses and workshops. His domains of expertise are:

  • Telecom audit, contract negotiations and personalized training
  • Analysis of business process requiring the use of telecommunication for voice, data and video
  • Strategic planning in telecommunication
  • Network optimization
  • Needs analysis and strategic acquisition process for new technologies

Name: Marcel Carignan, Associate, Comtois & Carignan

Phone : 450-449-8812


Richard Comtois, Associate, Comtois & Carignan

Richard Comtois has more than 34 years of experience in telecommunications, including the last 26 years as an independent consultant. Co-founder of Comtois & Carignan, consultants back in 1990, Richard had mandates for more than 150 entreprises and organizations in Canada.

Since 2004 Richard is dedicated to information and training. He is the editor of the quarterly newsletters InfoTelecom and Infotélécom and he writes many articles. He is the one behind yearly most popular conferences, the last one being Télécom 2012. He regularly leads telecom courses and workshops. He regularly follows telecom market developments in Canada and USA.

His work mainly cover the following items :

  • Edit the quarterly printed newsletters InfoTelecom and Infotélécom, mailed and e-mail to more than 9,500 readers
  • Build the yearly programs for Télécom 2004 to Télécom 2012 conferences in Montreal
  • Coordinate telecom conferences and courses
  • Creation and leader of the Community of Telecommunications Consultants (CTC) across Canada
  • Guest speaker to many events

Name : Richard Comtois, Associate, Comtois & Carignan

Phone : 514-351-2248


Alain Daigle, President, Eagle Networks

Alain DaigleAn administration bachelor from UQAM in 1986, Alain Daigle has been active in the field of iformation technology and telecommunications for over 25 years. He has worked at Gandalf, Unitel (now Allstream), IBM and Nortel. At Unitel, he helped launch the DtaVPN frame relay offer for the corporate market in the beginning of '90s.

At IBM, Alain has held various positions in the telecommuncations division, including IBM Global Network, Networking Hardware Division and Services organizations. At Nortel, he worked in the corporate market to promote convergent solutions.

For 7 years, he specialized in wireless networks and has achieved a CWNA certification in January005. He has gaven several lectures and interviews in relation to WiFi networks and training for Comtois & Carignan and large entreprises.

Services offered by Eagle etworks and Alain Daigle include:

  • Analysis of wireless coverage (Site Survey)
  • Feasability study and desing of wireless networks
  • Diagnosis of wireless networks and spectrum analysis
  • Verification of wireless security and recommendations
  • Training for support staff on wireless diagnostic and survey toools

Name: Alain Daigle, President, Eagle Networks

Phone: 514-664-4601



Pierre Deguire, AMBCI, President, PigisTelecom
Pierre Deguire has been active in the telecommunications industry since 1986. He has worked for various telecommunications suppliers. In 1996, he moved on to act as a telecom administrator for an important distribution company in the province of Quebec. His experience, gathered from both a supplier's and a customer's perspective, allows him to better understand the many challenges business customers are faced with. Pierre has founded PigisTelecom in 2001 and his mission is to offer quality consulting services and proven solutions, while ensuring an optimal performance of the technologies at hand. Pierre holds the 'AMBCI' certification from the Business Continuity Institute. Here are some of the projects we take on for our clients:
  • Audit on recurrent costs
  • Telecom strategic planning
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) preparation for telephony systems, structured cabling and / or network services
  • Project management
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) / Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
Name : Pierre Deguire, AMBCI, President, PigisTelecom Phone : 450-419-8850 E-mail: Web :
Jean Drainville, Consultant, Solutions JDCom
Jean Drainville has nearly 20 years of experience as a consultant, architect, business analyst and technical specialist in telephony, calls centers technology and CRM. He worked in different projects with LGS, Uniglobal (CGI) and Univoc (for 10 years). Having founded Solutions JDCom firm in September 2009, he now offers its services directly to customers. His excellent communication skills, thoroughness and expertise developed over the years allow him, as impartial and independent consultant, to realise different roles successfully. Throughout the projects, all the technologies used in contact centers have become the basis of its expertise :
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • Integration of different solutions used in calls centers
  • Optimization and virtualization of calls centers
Name: Jean Drainville, Consultant, Solutions JDCom Phone: 514 357-2145 E-mail: Web:
Maurice Duchesne, Sr. Consultant, UC&C Consulting

Maurice Duchesne has been active in the field of telecommunications for over 25 years. He has successful background in VoIP, Wireless Networks and Videoconferencing.

Proven track record in Visual Communications to guide Strategic Developments in Major Corporations as well as Government Public Sectors. Maurice acquired his powerful knowledge in working for World-Class Telecom Organizations such as AT&T, British Telecom, Allstream, Mitel, Polycom, LifeSize and RADVISION/Avaya.

Since 2008, he helped organizations to implement real-time communications into the Unified Communications arena.Today UC&C Consulting offers service including:

  • Communications analysis for business process needs
  • Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis
  • Research the market to access the best State-of-Art technologies available today for YOUR organization
  • Translate Technology into Meaningful Value Proposition
  • Complete Request for Proposal (RFP) processes
  • Project Management to assist the implementation Team

Name: Maurice Duchesne, Sr. Consultant, UC&C Consulting

Phone : 514-317-9391


Diane Forman, Sr. Consultant, Diane Forman Consulting Services

Diane Forman is a senior consultant with more than 25 years of experience in Telephony and Contact Center applications. Diane provides services to organizations and enterprises looking to achieve improvements in the overall customer service experience while increasing their overall efficiency and productivity. This is done by leveraging a broad knowledge of contact center applications, technology and real world best practices.

Throughout her roles in the telecommunications industry, Diane has worked across a wide spectrum od unified communications and contact center solutions.

Diane also offers French and English end user training to supervisors and administrators of the Verint/Avaya recording and quality monitoring application (QM).

Diane offers services such as:

  • Strategic Operations Review
  • Functional needs analysis
  • Identifying and prioritizing areas of improvement and pain points in order to help improve the overall customer experience
  • Helping coordinate and manage the successful implementation of contact center projects thanks to experience with the various contact center applications and their interdependencies

Name : Diane Forman, Sr. Consultant, Diane Forman Consulting Services

Phone: 514-467-3717


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Michel Henri, Eng., GAMM Telecomm
Michel Henri, a professional engineer, bases his skills on more than 25 years of experience in IT and telecommunications. Michel is also certified ITIL v3. Having worked both at the level of management and project engineering on design and preparation of technologicial architecture resulting in practical experience in implementing several complex telecommunications infrastructures notably with telephone systems, structured cabling, voice and data networks and especially in contacts centres. Expertise and services offered include:
  • Needs assessment with functional and technical specifications
  • RFP and RFQ including recommendations
  • Project management - Phone systeme architecture (IP and traditional)
  • Implementation, optimization and networking of contacts centers (CC)
  • Integration of CC solutions (SBR, IVR, CTI, QM, CR, WFM)
Name : Michel Henri, Eng., GAMM Telecomm Phone : 514-978-4266 E-mail: Web site :
Louis Houbart, Sr. Consultant, Groupe Consult-Com Techno
Louis Houbart began his career in telecommunications in 1979. His know-how, combined with his managerial experience, make him an expert with great versatility. In 2000, Louis founded his own consulting firm, Consult-com Techno Group, where he combines his field experience, his skills as a trainer as well as his management experience to work as a consultant to provide the best solutions for all types of enterprises. Louis has been a member of the Community of Telecommunications consultants (CTC) since its creation in 2007. He keeps up to date with all developments in the wireless market, and his CTC colleagues regularly refer him to clients in need of his expertise in wireless. Here are some examples of recent mandates:
  • Technical writing of tenders for the renewal of cellular services agreements
  • Improvement of in-building cellular coverage
  • Development of customized training material for technical teams
  • Analysis and characterization of optical links
  • Wi-Fi network implementation
Name: Louis Houbart, Sr. Consultant, Consult-Com Techno Group Phone : 514 777-5973 E-mail: Web:
Pierre Marc Jasmin, President, Services Triad inc.
Cumulating over 20 years of knowledge in customer relationship for the call centre environment, Pierre Marc Jasmin is president of Triad Services, a consulting firm he founded in 1996. Triad's consultants have achieved more than 250 mandates and 50 benchmark studies, analyzing and comparing operational practices of 50 major North American call centres. Furthermore, Triad Services has designed many training programs and guides to help contact centres optimizing their operations and move towards "best in class" management practices. Pierre Marc sits on many committees and board of directors in the contact centre industry. He often acts as speaker for seminars and conferences in America and Europe. Triad Services specialization fields are related to the contact centre industry and include:
  • Realization of strategic studies and market analysis
  • Creation of development plans and feasibility studies
  • Call centre audit
  • Support in purchasing and implanting new technologies
  • Improvement of recruitment, training and coaching processes
Name: Pierre Marc Jasmin, President, Services Triad Phone: 514-931-0663 ext. 226 E-mail:
Claudio Polonia, Eng., CYBERTRONIC
Claudio Polonia, Eng., is a senior multilingual Telecommunications and Information Technology (IT) Network Project Manager with more than 35 years experience in electrical and electronics engineering, primarily with smelter and power station electronics, telecommunications and SCADA systems. His engineering background has bestowed him with a strong capacity for managing both internal and external technical resources in order to solve very complex technical problems. He is highly focused on results, excels in coaching capacity and is a dedicated team player and strong performer. Foundner of CYBERTRONIC, he now offers his services as an independent consultant under that banner. CYBERTRONIC's profile:
  • A partner in the development and practical implementation of high-tech services
  • Has great foresight as to the development and future of newly proposed state-of-the-art technologies
  • Facility to adapt to foreign customs
  • Fully supportive of strict professional ethics; promotor of good teamwork
  • Very creative in the search of solutions to problems
Name: Claudio Polonia, Engineer, CYBERTRONIC Phone : 514-891-3855
Marie-Hélène Primeau, CPA, CA, MBCI, President, Services-Conseils Premier Continuum
Chartered Accountant and member of the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI), Marie-Hélène Primeau is a senior consultant ar Premier Continuum in risk management, emergency response and business continuity. For over 10 years, she has been supporting public and private organizations in setting up, exercising, maintaining and evaluating their business continuity program (including telecommunications). Her clients benefit from the ease of use of ParaSolution, the Business Continuity Software developed by Premier Continuum to maintain and respond to incidents. Marie-Hélène is also a certified trainer of the Business Continuity Institute and has trained mroe than 100 professionals in North America and Europe (in English and French) towards certification. She regularly speaks at conferences in Canada and USA. Her mandates mainly cover the following:
  • Business Impact Analysis and Threat Analysis
  • Organization resilience assessment (current continuity capability)
  • Incident response structure and plans (Incident Management, IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity)
  • Exercise (continuity and DR) planning and conduct
  • Awareness programs design and conduct
Name: Marie-Hélène Primeau, CPA, CA, MBCI, President, Services-Conseils Premier Continuum Inc. Phone: 514-761-6222 ext. 1003 Email: Website:
Pierre Ranger, President, Véri Aud inc., Audit Refund Specialists
Pierre Ranger, BBA, has over 17 years experience in telecommunications auditing and consulting. This includes a strong working knowledge of telecom tariffs both the ones mandated by the CRTC as well as the rules and regulations the suppliers (both in Canada and the USA) use but do not make public. Pierre has conducted audits for a large number of both public and private sector organizations across Canada operating in both official languages. Pierre has managed the audits from start to finish, from the initial gathering of proof to maximize the refunds for overbilling, to the negotiations leading to the actual refunds. His work mainly cover the following : Revision tracking of telecom services Elimination of charges for unused or nonexistent services Show advantages of new ways to make most of new technologies Negotiate renewal of contract services Training to better manage the recurring charges using Internet tools available Name : Pierre Ranger, President, Véri Aud inc., Audit Refund Specialists Phone : 613-798-7831 E-mail: Website:  
Alain Turgeon, Engineer, Dupras Ledoux
Over the past 15 years, Alain Turgeon has acquired a wide experience in information technology (IT) such as: structured cabling, networks and telephony, security, A/V systems and other low-voltage systems found in buildings. He likes to design telecommunications systems that are well integrated and that will last for years. Alain received his degree from Sherbrooke University in electrical engineering and is a member of the "Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec" and the Professional Engineerings of Ontario. He also holds an RCDD (Registrated Communication Distribution Designer ) accredition since 2001. Among services offered by Alain and his team are :
  • Structured cabling and home automation
  • Networking and telephony
  • CCTV, access control and intrusion detection
  • Commercial A/V systems
  • Outside plant fiber optic network
Name: Alain Turgeon, Engineer, Dupras Ledoux Phone : 514-381-9205 E-mail: Web :
Jean-François Vaillancourt, President, Satori Internetworking Inc.

Jean-François specialises in large scale network design and security, with a focus on complex Wi-Fi networks. He has played key roles in the design and implementation of such networks as the Montreal Business School (HEC), University of Montreal, CHUM Research Center, STM (Montreal Transit Authority), Olympic Stadium, many universities, school boards, jails, plants, hospitals, libraries and even hardened a network aboard an active duty aircraft carrier.

Jean-François has held positions in network security, engineering and consulting for Desjardins, CGI, Croup Telecom and SINC. A former paramedic, he thrives on SWAT mandates and hard projects. He is especially skilled with Cisco, Aruba, Palo-Alto and AeroScout technologies.

Jean-François fourned Satori in 2005 and this group of semior consultants now specializes in the following:

  • Design, implementation and optimization of large-scale Wi-Fi, LAN and WAN networks
  • Complex Wi-Fi services such as voice, mesh, Real-Time Location Services (active RFID) and BYOD
  • Network Audits
  • Technical specifications and plans for RFPs
  • Custom training

Name: Jean-François Vaillancourt, President, Satori Internetworking Inc.

Phone : 514-571-4111