General Information

For us, each client is different. There is no miracle formula that can be applied to all companies in a specific sector. We know telecommunications, the services and the products on the market and ways to use them to the limit. What we do not know is the organization of a new client, his needs, his problems and mostly his objectives. That is why , for us, each service offer is personal to each client.

Our fees are always based on the hourly rate of our personnel. After defining our mandate with our customer, we plan the work to be accomplished and a maximum fee attainable. The customer knows in advance what it will cost him, there are no surprizes. Our reputation on this aspect is well known and our customers can willingly vouch for us.

Strategic Telecommunications Plan

When a potential client first contacts us, it is often to ask us to help him revise his telecommunications as a whole. We then define together the steps of a strategical telecommunications plan, which can be quiet simple or very complex, depending of his actual environment and objectives. Each service offer is personalized. A strategical telecommunications plan can contain some or all of the following activities :

  • Revision of needs, problems and customer objectives
  • Interviews with department management or staff
  • Analysis of the actual environment (systems and services in place)
  • Environment optimization
  • Revision of call centers and customer service
  • Technological orientation
  • Evaluation and estimation of budgetary costs and anticipated savings
  • Elaboration and presentation of the strategical telecommunication plan
Technological Orientation Plans

The difference with the strategical telecommunication plan, the strategical orientation plan applies to a customer that controls well his present environment and is satisfied but questions the possibility of upgrading his system or services or even their replacement. This type of customer wants an impartial opinion based on his situation and his short and long term objectives without having to revise all of his actual operations.


Certain customers just want to optimize their local services and long-distance. Whether it be for their voice or data network, they want an optimal configuration with their present supplier or visualize possible savings with another supplier. An impartial opinion permits him to render a decision based on facts.


Multi-site customers have networking needs between their sites which can be extremely important depending on the nature of their operations. Networked sites permit transparent communications amongst themselves, ensuring efficiency and better customer service.

Different networking levels are possible depending on the customer's needs and objectives. A coordinated numbering plan and voice messaging on the voice side and local networking on the data side can sometimes be combined to reduce costs.  And with IP telephony, we could now reach more functionnality than ever.

Call Centers and Customer Support

Customer Service is by definition much larger than a call center. Our intervention in this domaine can take many forms but generally apply to meeting objectives, looking at client's problems and his needs.

A call center could be a simple and easy operation or once again, very complex, permitting the fusion of many call centers into a network. Our experience in call centers is very varied and touches the smallest to the largest set-ups.

Request for Quotations

Very often, after the presentation of a strategical telecommunication plan, we must change telecommunication systems or certain components. If the customer does not have a predetermined supplier, we usually proceed in the preparation of a request for tender.

A request for tender could apply to a telephone system - with or without IP telephony, voice mail system, interactive voice recognition system, voice and data cabling or system upgrades. On the networking side, a request for tender could be prepared for voice and/or data services.

Contractual Negotiations

With the deregulation in the industry, many clients must renegotiate the terms of their service contracts, local and long-distance and /or data services. As it is often difficult for them to formulate requests without knowing what the market offers, we can assist in the negotiations for contract renewals or with the terms of a contract with a new supplier.


After accepting a strategical plan, technological orientation or recommandations after a request for tender, the client often asks us to coordonate the implementation of the new equipment and/or services. This step is particularly important for us since me must be sure that everything is functional.